3rd Strike…your out???

So I recieved my 7th SF this last week and it was another strike out! I had the same stylist for a 3rd time in a row and the box did look like I would at least like a couple of the tops that was shown on the App, but ultimately the fit was just off! Here’s what came this time.

Spade and Heart Pleeka Embroidered Yoke Knit top $54


I thought this was cute on the app, but on me it just draped in all the wrong places. It felt like there was too much material just hanging down. The color was nice, the top was really soft. Print cute, but it just did not fit right on me. Maybe I was wearing the wrong bra the day I tried this on but I hate the way it looks in the bust area!

Renee C Tucker Split Back Blouse $48

First glance I didn’t love the print. It was too big of a floral print for my taste. The split back was cute but the arm holes were too big and the top pulled a little across the back area. It was also long on my frame which made me look disproportional.

Up next:

Just Black Brindle Fray Hem Denim Short $58 

IMG_6768I really liked these shorts. They were a great color. The fit was good. I liked where the inseam fell, it wasn’t too short or too long. I liked the style of the frayed hem, but come on people $58 for a pair of Jean shorts! I cant do it!

Daniel Rainn Mellie Crochet Detail Blouse $64 


So I did really, really like this style of top, the print and colors were awesome. The crochet detail was lovely. The top came with a cami underneath, because the top itself is sheer without something under it. But again this top is SO expensive!! For one top!! I really contemplated keeping this outfit, but without the 25% discount I would have paid $130. I didnt love the top enough to spend that amount of money on it. I’m trying to be frugal with my spending now that summer is almost here and a teacher’s salary is nonexistent during these next few months! I don’t know for sure, but I think I may be quitting Stitch fix for awhile, BUT not before I try my first Trendsend Box. Which should be coming in the next couple of weeks! I saw another Stitch Fix women who does vlogs on YouTube and she got a great Trendsend box her first time around and so I decided to give them a try. They only charge a $1 processing fee instead on a $20 use it or lose it styling fee that STitch Fix charges AND they send you more pieces of clothing to choose from! I’m super excited to receive my box soon and will leave my review of that vs. Stitch fix soon!

Anyhow, last up this top

Your Story Newark Lace Detail Blouse $40

Very pretty in the picture, but on was a different story! I just didn’t like the fit on me! Did nothing for my figure. The length was too long for my liking.



Mother’s Day Fix 2017 Another Let Down

Ugh…I’m hating having to write up this post, for two reasons. First, because it brings back last years Mother’s Day Stitch Fix disappointment (read that blog post below). Secondly, because April’s Fix was a 5/5 and my expectations of receiving just as good of a Fix was high. My new stylist seemed to have really picked a great box that time and so in my note I requested to be styled by the same person. My husband let me order a Stitch Fix for Mother’s Day coming up, as a gift from my kids and I was super excited hoping for a great box this time around. Unfortunately it was another Mother’s Day let down!

Here’s what I received.

Mia Asella Strappy Sandle $49 (SENT BACK)

Just not my style. I didn’t like the gold straps. I’m not a huge fan of the flip flop type style and for the price of this sandal, I can buy like three cute pairs at Old Navy or Payless.



Alice Blue Hillman Double Strap Blouse $36 (KEPT 2 SELL)


When I first saw this top I thought it was a younger girls top and maybe my stylist had made a mistake. It looked really really small . I loved the floral print and the colors looked great for Spring, the blouse seemed a bit short but ended being a nice length for my shorter torso. Overall though I didn’t like the fit enough  to purchase for myself, but I bought it so I wouldnt lose my $20 styling fee. Posted up on the Facebook Buy, Sell, ISO boards.

*I received an email from Stitch Fix customer support and they have waived my styling fee for my next fix which will come in a couple of weeks, BEFORE Mother’s Day!

Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse $44


I usually like Papermoon tops, and I was expecting this one to be a keeper when I pulled it from the box. The colors are nice and can match a variety of colored jeans. However when I tried it on, the length of the blouse at the hemline was super long on me. I tried tucking it in which I don’t really like to do because I’m still nursing my 4 month old. It still didn’t look flattering on me. Sent back.

Nine Britton Lorieann Dress $54

I really like this dress. The style and colors were great for Spring. I don’t really own any dresses other than the Lovapella Zola Knit  dress I bought a couple of fixes ago. I LOVED how this dress had pockets! It wasn’t the dress I requested, but they sent this as a comparable. Didn’t work😔 The dress was to long in the bodice and to long of a length for my frame. My husband suggested getting it altered, which was surprising seeing as how the cost of the dress was over $50. I don’t want to have to hem a dress that expensive, I love him for offering, but I think he just wanted me to at least love one item (it was a gift and all) but nope sent this packing too!

Last up:

Brixton Ivy Raimee Mesh Stripe Knit Cardigan $58

It looked promising, put it on and it was a mess. Super thin material, itchy as heck in the arms. Completely boxy looking on me. No shape and too big. Not worth $58. Blah. Just no! Sent back…cute color though!

So I was disappointed for a bit after opening up  Fix #6 and sending it packing. I was going to cancel my Subscription until I received an email from SF drawing me back in. They offered to waive my next styling fee as a perk for this dud of a box. It’s suppposed to be here the weekend before Mother’s Day…there’s still redemption Stitch Fix!!!

Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance (part 2)


My 4th Fix just came a couple of days ago and I’m thrilled to share with you all what I was sent! In my note to my stylist I asked for a red or white pair of non maternity skinny jeans (I just gave birth to my 11th child about 3 months ago and need to get out of maternity wear)! Everything else I was open to trying out and with what the stylist thought would be great postpartum spring wear. Let me tell you my stylist Brennan did an amazing job. I also did take a peek before hand on the Stitch Fix app as to what was coming and was super eager to open the package when it came. The colors in the small bundle were promising…

First Up…

Alice Blue Canfield Cold Shoulder Blouse-$38.00


I absolutely love this top. I don’t own any red tops at all, so I was glad to see this color and style in my Fix. The material is light weight for spring and goes great with a variety of colored skinny jeans ( just bought 5 pairs on Poshmark) or the styling card suggest a flowy skirt! One problem I ran into however was that the blouse I received had a missing button when I opened my box…it wasn’t a big problem because I just returned it for a new one, but the buttons do seem to be sewn on a little flimsy. If you can sew like I can than you can easily strengthen them yourself or take it to a tailor. I liked the style and fit enough (even with the weak buttons) to keep!

Next up- Papermoon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse-$44.00

I’m loving Papermoon blouses. In one of my first fixes I kept a tulip sleeved blouse that quickly became one of my favorite tops. I also had a striped coral and cream Papermoon top from Fix 2 that I love as well. This scalloped detail blouse was my favorite item in this Fix hands down! The back is eye catching, love, love, love the color…cobalt blue. I paired these with a pair of Red/Orange Old Navy Rockstar Skinny’s that I bought off Poshmark and it looked outstanding! I love how I feel wearing this top! In this pic I’m wearing the top with the jeans that came in my Fix. Those up next!

Nia Distressed Crop Skinny Jean-$64.00


I had asked for a pair of red or white skinny jeans for spring, I was happy when I saw these in the box because Stitch Fix is notorious for great fitting jeans no matter what size! I have recently lost about 20lbs (baby weight and then some…whoop whoop) and have downsized my jeans from a 14 to a 12. These were a size 12 and still felt a bit big, but I was scared to exchange for a smaller size just in case they were too small. The bottom of the hem was unfinished and cool looking I guess. They have a bit of distressing, not too ripped up. Anyhow I kept them only because my honey told me to. I think I may list these up on my Poshmark closet and try to sell em. I don’t think I’ll wear them because I just bought a pair of Old Navy Rockstar Skinny’ s in white and they fit like a glove! Kept to Sell

Loveapella Zola Knit Dress- $58.00

This was my hubbys favorite item in my Fix and because of the asymmetrical design of the stripes it is very forgiving and can look flattering on most body types. The fabric is super soft and stretchy. It can be wore casually or dressed up. I had a maternity Bodycon Dress very similar to this dress that I bought at Ross for $10. I was contemplating whether I should keep this or not but in the end the hubby said to purchase the whole box!

With that said, last but not least!

Nakamol Arlot Pre-Layered Stone Lariat Necklace-$48.00


This is by far the most expensive necklace that I have ever bought and I’m really considering selling this on my Poshmark closet too! I don’t wear necklaces or jewelry all that much. I love the idea of it. I just don’t think I love it enough to keep it for myself and utilize it enough to justify the cost. Kept to Sell!

So this ended up being a great 5/5 Fix and definitely makes up for my last experience…the great Morhers Day disappointment Fix! I loved how this stylist picked out great items that are versatile, colorful, and light weight for Spring! Everything fit great for being 3 months postpartum. Can’t wait to try out another Fix soon. Probably in May for Mother’s Day!! Hopefully I get the same stylist again! Until next time 😘Let me know what you all think!

Stitch Fix: Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance

Stitch Fix Logo

I’m deciding to give Stitch Fix a try again after a very long break. My very last fix was supposed to be a Mothers Day gift from my husband to me, but as my luck would have it nothing in the fix flattered me and it ended being a total bust.

Hopefully this next Stitch Fix which is due to arrive next week will have some great pieces. From the time I left Stitch Fix until now I have given birth to my 11th 👶🏻 ,have lost about 20lbs and started an intense workout/weightlifting schedule with my husband in hopes of getting back to my pre-babies weight (about 30lbs more to go).  I want to feel better in my own skin and look good in the clothing Styles I attempt to rock!

Anyhow stay tuned for an updated post on I guess would be Fix #4! I don’t have any specific style I’m aiming for, just anything Non Maternity at this point. Hopefully I get a great stylist this time, it would be great to get one who is a mom and knows the struggle with post pregnancy weight issues and body image! Talk to you all soon!!!

May Stitch Fix #3 Mother’s Day Fix

Finally it’s here! I’ve been waiting to receive my May Fix for like, Forever! Okay,  maybe not that long, but boy has it felt like it. I’m currently receiving Stitch Fixes every month and a half and let me tell you ladies I’ve been a complete mad women, obsessing, and counting down the days until that box arrived in my mail. All that to say I couldn’t wait to see what was coming, so I did peek once the email hit my inbox saying “Your fix is currently being styled”. This fix was my husband’s gift to me for Mother’s Day, I had to wait a week or so to actually open it, (I was out of town) which made me even more impatient. Here’s what I asked for in my note to my stylist: IMG_2153[1]

My stylist for this fix picked out items I requested in my notes. My only concern with this fix was the pricing. Once again there was only 1/5 items under the $50 mark. My first stylist Carson paid very much attention to this detail in my first fix, so much so that I purchased the entire box. This time around I really had to consider what I really liked and looked good on me, seeing as how this fix was on the pricier side… Which wasn’t hard at all! Spoiler Alert: I kept NOTHING!

First Up: BC Footwear Union Contrast Material Bootie $90.00 (size 6.5)Returned

I love booties (the shoes)! Ha!  However when I first saw the picture of these I knew they were not for me. I didn’t like the contrast colors. The size was correct 6.5, but somehow these made my foot look longer than they are. My husband ever so kindly commented that it looked like I had Hobbit feet! I prefer a higher heel and shorter point…these were the opposite of that. Probably more for someone on the taller end of the spectrum. Not for us hobbits…I mean shorty’s!

Next: Market & Spruce Kristah Knit Blazer $78.00 – Returned

I had high hopes for this blazer. The color was a nice deep navy blue and the fabric was not very heavy at all. The back of the blazer has a chiffon ruffle that was cute. It seemed like it would be a versatile piece to use dressed up or down. When I tried it on I didn’t like how it looked on me. It accentuated my stomach area which doesn’t need attention (other than some exercise attention). When I moved my arms up and down the inseam in the upper arm pit area would bunch up and felt awkward. The chiffon ruffle in the back was doing nothing cute at all. The price was way to much for me to spend on a blazer that wasn’t making me look blazin hot!

Next Up: Olive and Oak Ganesa Crew Neck Blouse $44.00 – Returned

I liked the colors of this top, the navy blue stripes and the mint colors were perfect. The length fell just a little past my waist which was okay. But it did feel a little tight in the upper shoulder area. I contemplated keeping this top seeing as how this was my Mother’s Day Fix and I desperately wanted something to work for me…it was a Mother’s Day gift for goodness sake! But in the end I decided not to keep it, unless I really loved it and I didn’t, so back it went. I think I’m starting to not like the knit material these tanks are made of, they seem tight for being size L where as other tops of different material that are the same size L feel fine. I don’t know, I will probably request for my future fixes to not receive these types of knit material tops.

Next: Daniel Rainnn Albado Crew Neck Blouse $58.00 – Returned 

This shirt again very pretty floral print, the colors are amazing for Spring. It’s the same type material as the Olive and Oak above, so it was a bit snug in the upper back/shoulder area. When I tried this on at first I didn’t tuck it in and it was long! It made me look disproportioned. I tried tucking it in and it still seemed unflattering on me. Ugh…I don’t know if it’s the clothing or me! I feel like my body right now is in a weird postpartum shape. I’m short,  yet on the curvier side, I’m still nursing my son, which makes my bust larger than normal. And this tenth pregnancy has really taken a toll on my mid section! Anyhow, before I start body shaming myself let me move on! I tried the top on with the Dean Skinny down below, it seemed a good outfit idea, but just didn’t do it for me. This is a return.

Lastly: Just Black Dean Skinny Jean $78.00 – Return

I love the color of these jeans! They have a cute zipper towards the bottom of the leg. These jeans said they were a 14, but when I tried them on they felt loose in the butt and bottom leg area. I checked the size, again this time on the pant tag itself and they said size 16. The length was perfect, these would need no hemming or cuffing. Ultimately didn’t love the fit enough to keep…btw that purple striped top in the picture was a 99 cent store shirt. It’s the same type material as another shirt I bought from Stitch fix for $38.00 in my last fix!

Conclusion: Not a Happy Mother’s Day to me…A -$20.00 styling fee that’s ultimately what my gift was for the day. I was SO excited for this fix to come in, some of you whom I follow know I had been counting down the days for this fix to arrive only to be disappointed. Hopefully my first stylist will be back in the office to style my next fix or I may not be sticking with it much longer. This is technically my 3rd fix (since I received one by accident) with 3 different stylist, with three different ideas to style.


Accidental Stitch Fix #1 (and 2)

Apparently when I first signed up for a Stitch Fix account I entered in a wrong email address (@yahop.com instead of @yahoo.com) you would think with the tech we have these days that the company’s system would’ve picked up on an error like that, and not have created a second account with the exact same personal info!! Anyhow, it did create it, along with a 2nd account with the correct email address. To further complicate things  when I logged into my Stitch Fix app, only one fix’s contents showed up and not the other. Moved by impatience to find out what was going on  I cheated and looked at what was coming…(I was weak what could I say) ugh…SHEER disappointment! Nothing in the fix I assumed was on its way looked appealing to me. So with the anticipation of receiving my first fix gone, I opened the door a few days later and saw the box at the doorstep and unexcitedly opened it up. Boy oh boy was I  utterly confused?!? And yet, excited all over again!! Inside were the contents of the accidental fix #2 items, which I shared already in the previous post…and btw ended up keeping all five items in my box!! This is the box that had the incorrect email address mind you.


I loved that the stylist Carson took the time to look at the blogs I follow and grab style inspiration from them, which ended up really personalizing me. Price points were spot on too!  4/5 under the $50 mark. Gotta love that attention to detail.

On to box #1 (the box I should have originally received)! The excitement of opening that box with the teal colored Stitch Fix logo was still there, even though I knew I wouldn’t end up liking anything in it. Here’s what was inside.

Inside the box…again very pretty and neatly packaged!
There’s the note from a different stylist Melanie

First up the Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean -$78

Let me just say right now that I’m so happy these were not the jeans in the first fix. Obviously these Mira skinny jeans are just way to long by at least 4-5 inches. The color wash was great and the fit was supposed to be comfy, because of the ELASTIC waistband…Uh I remember specifically saying I’m trying to ditch the whole maternity look! Anyhow, even with heels on or by folding the jeans up, they were just not for me. Sent Back

This picture looks like my butt was hungry…what’s with all that pulling!


Market and Spruce Kersten Lace Shoulder Raglan Sleeve Knit Top- $54

I wasn’t thrilled about this one either. The lace was to much for me, the shirt fell at mid quad which was way to long and made my legs look even shorter than they are. Tucking it in only made me bulkier in the mid section than I care to look. Upon further inspection of the shirt I noticed a thread coming out. Plus it just didn’t really personalize me, so yeah this was a fail… sent back.

Papermoon Croydon Knit Top- $38

Again nothing special about this top, I really don’t like horizontal stripes, unless it’s layered under something like a jean jacket or cardigan. The coral color was nice, but the fit itself was unflattering. I felt boxy and just blah…verdict…bought!! WHAT ???. I’ll explain in a bit.

Street Level Parvin Reversible Tote- $58

I get that the stylist was trying to put together a whole look by adding this bag to my fix AND I should have been more specific on my style profile about not wanting handbags in my fixes, so I get why this was included. It could potentially be a hit for someone just not this someone. The only bag this girl’s been toting around with me the past 10 years has been a diaper bag and for the price of this tote, I could definitely afford to buy me not only a new trendy looking diaper bag, but also all the fillings to boot…AKA diapers, wipes, baby powder, lotion, etc. Sent back.


Last up the Liverpool Kolten Denim Jacket- $98


Okay so this was probably the only thing in this fix that I loved, but as luck would have it, it didn’t button all the way up 😦   I emailed Customer Service to request a size bigger hoping they would get back to me before check out, since it was already going on day 3. Being a newbie to Stitch Fix and not wanting to get charged for the whole fix if I didn’t check out before that day, I toggled the button on this to Return. Not wanting to lose my styling fee I bought the least expensive thing in this fix… Ahem… the boxy, stripy, coral shirt…maybe I can gift it away to my mom. Ten minutes after checking out CS emailed me back saying they did have the size jacket available if I still wanted to purchase it to let them know within 48 hours… Humbug! Oh well I guess there’s always next time.

All in all, this ACCIDENTAL fix was a bust! I’m glad I didn’t receive this box first as intended or I might not have continued with Stitch Fix. I’m hoping that I get to be styled by Carson instead of Melanie (no offense if your reading this) for my next fix coming in May. I just thought the fix I did end up loving was more me and thought out a little better than this one. I also liked the fact that the price points were within my range (4/5 under $50 vs. 1/5 under $50. I mean come on I’ve got ten kids who also like nice things! It can get expensive in this family fast!

I hope you all loved my review, please feel free to comment and I would love it if you used my referral link https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/7379169  if your thinking about trying stitch for the first time. I would receive a $25.00 credit…think of it as your good deed for the year… till next fix!




To Fix or Not to Fix (that is the question)#1

So I’m jumping on the Stitch Fix bandwagon.  I don’t usually follow the latest clothing styles or feel a need to be some trendy fashionista, but after going through my wardrobe recently, I noticed a disturbing find… maternity clothes of all kinds. I had everything from elastic waist jeans with the spandex tummy panels, to tie back blouses, even one size fits all camisoles. Now don’t get me wrong these are clothing articles that you could easily mistake as regular non maternity items, but still something just bothered me about it. Stitch Fix will be my attempt to learn to shop for clothes that fit my post baby  body and rebuild my wardrobe with items less stretchy, less elastic-iky, less… well… maternity. So without further a do for those of you who have yet to jump on board the Stitch Fix bandwagon and don’t know a thing about it let me tell you…

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that does the shopping for you. You answer styling questions based on your likes and dislikes, measurements, and the like and a personal stylist picks out 5 articles of clothing or accessories that fits your style profile and mails that straight to your door, either monthly, every other month, or on the date you choose.

     If you decide to  keep nothing at all you send everything back in their prepaid envelope and they charge you a $20 styling fee, but if you keep at least one item that fee goes toward the cost of the item your purchasing. Item totals are completely based on preference that you choose when you first sign up with Stitch Fix. With ten children to clothe I chose the cheapest possible option. Anyhow, I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to wait for my fix to arrive, it seriously felt like waiting to open a present before Christmas! And then it finally came!

IMG_1378 (2)

I’m still undecided how I should share my fixes as blogging is time consuming enough for me to learn how to do, without having to figure out how to start a vlog on top of it, so for this first fix I guess I’ll just stick to blogging. Maybe in the near future I can view some How To’s for Dummies on vlogs. Anyhow,  I will attach pictures of each clothing article and let you all know what I kept or decided to send back. Here’s how they package the clothing within the box:

Love how it comes packaged… very pretty.

There are styling cards that show you different options as to how you can wear your clothing articles with items you may already own in your closet.


First up, the Ezra Eleanor Mixed Material Knit Top in Navy – $38.00


I felt this top was me. I’m not used to wearing patterns, so this was a subtle way of introducing prints back into my wardrobe. I liked the lightness of the material, although the long sleeves may be a bit hot, even in spring weather here in So. Cal where its summer pretty much year around! The sleeves were a bit long too, but I’m petite so I’ve gotten used to that when shopping for shirts. No biggy. It also fit comfortably, but didn’t do to much to hide my mommy tummy. All in all I liked it enough to keep.

Liverpool Claudia Curvy Fit Skinny Jean- $88.00


So right after joining Stitch Fix I scoured the internet for reviews on the clothing Stitch Fix offers and in most blogs and  vlogs I came across one universal thing women raved about was the amazing fit of the jeans they received in their own fixes. And sure enough Stitch Fix delivered for me on this as well. I LOVE, LOVE, did I say LOVE these jeans! The color is me, the fit is me (who knew a complete stranger can pick jeans that fit so true to ones measurements), and being 4’11 the LENGTH was me…perfect fit!! They hit just below my ankles, so no having to hem on my part. At $88.00 bucks I just had to have, so I kept!

Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse-$44.00

Let me start off by saying this is a very pretty top something I would not have picked off the rack for myself, the hubby’s favorite in this fix. The colors are gorgeous for spring, I love the coral color, the sleeves were not my favorite, a bit little girlish for me. It reminded me of something I used to wear as a child. The cute little eyehole opening in the back was nice. I loved the print, very stylish and chic. However the fit was a little snug in the breast area, maybe because I’m still nursing and around my mid section (ten babies grew in there), but it didn’t look to bad with the cardigan over it (I’ll get to that in a moment). I figured this could be a motivator top, I guess I can stand to lose an extra 10 lbs. I wasn’t going to keep this one, but the hubby liked it…if the hubby likes and the hubby’s paying than that’s all that matters 😉

Moving on…

Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan-$48.00


When I first saw this cardigan I thought to myself I can totally buy this anywhere for less than what was listed. However, when I put it on it was super soft, super comfortable, I don’t own a cardigan this light weight and if you look closely it has pockets and  I loves me some pockets! I thought they were super adorable on this cardigan. It’s a keeper!

Last but not least!

Zad Baisley Double Spade Earrings-$28.00


Zad, Zad, why couldn’t you be MORE rad! Uh, so Sad! Okay, sorry for the rhyming the homeschooler came out of me there. But really these earrings are a super cool design, but can I be honest here…these are some of the cheapest earrings I’ve bought….yes I said it, I bought the darn things!! These seriously could go for like $5.00 max maybe cheaper (I have seen some pretty similar jewelry at 99cent stores), and I can definitely put the extra $22 bucks that they go for to so many other useful things around my house. But here’s my thinking, if I buy all 5 items in my fix I get to take advantage of the 25% discount, plus my $20.00 styling fee would go towards my final sale price. I don’t know what do you all think let me know by leaving your comments below. Also, feel free to leave your opinions regarding how they looked on me and if you consider any of the items worth the price Stitch Fix is selling at. Lastly,  if anyone has yet to join Stitch Fix and would like to sign up, please consider using my referral code listed https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/7379169 I would greatly appreciate it! Once you sign up a referral code will also be given to you to share with your friends and family.